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Delete lines is a program to help you delete certain lines in big text files
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Delete lines is a program that can make it easier for you to locate and delete certain lines in big text files. Sometimes you may need, for example, to remove the comments that begin with an asterisk in a log file of thousands of lines. Delete Lines will just ask you to specify the file you want to modify, the text or expression it should look for, and the action to be taken. The program can either delete the lines where the text appears, or leave those untouched and delete everything else. You can specify the content filter by entering regular expressions instead of specific words. You can also set Delete Lines to delete not only the line that contains (or not) the given expression, but also any number of lines before and/or after it.

By default, the program will generate a new file without the filtered content, in the same folder where the original file is located, adding the "new" suffix to the name of the file. Of course, you can choose to use any other folder or file name. The program will perform the selected task on the file, and then will tell you how many lines it scanned, deleted, and wrote, and the time it took to complete the task. Finally, it is even possible to launch this program from the Command Line.

In brief, Delete Lines is a handy tool for those who need to edit big text files quickly.

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